आपल्या उत्पन्नातून जाणाऱ्या आयकराची हुशारीने बचत करा

आयकर कमी करा

कर बचत करण्यासाठी शेवटच्या क्षणापर्यंत वाट पाहू नका. एक चुकीचा निर्णय तुमचे बरेच नुकसान करू शकतो. एक चुकीच्या निर्णयाने तुमचे पैसे जास्त काळासाठी अडकून राहू शकतात आणि तुमच्या गुंतवणुकीवर कमी परतावा सुद्धा तुमचे नुकसानच करत असतो.

तुम्ही आयकरात किती बचत करू शकता ते पहा

Save smartly through ELSS

Equity linked saving schemes

Save Tax

Lowest lock-in period

Returns are linked to
stock market and are tax-free

Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) is a mutual fund investment that reduces your taxable income by ` 1,50,000. With a minimum lock-in period of just 3 years, ELSS has the potential to earn higher returns than most other tax-saving options as most of the portfolio is invested in the stock market.

ELSS MF Schemes vs other Tax Saving Schemes

Lock-in period 3 years 5 years 5 years 5/10 years 15 years Till termination of employment
Taxation aspect capital gains are taxable post 1Lakh Interest is taxable as per your IT slab Maturity/claims proceed are tax-free Interest is taxable as per your tax-slab Interest is tax-free Interest is tax-free^^
Returns (p.a.) Market-linked# 6.0%^ Market-linked 7.8%
(As on 1-7-17)
7.8 %
(As on 1-7-17)
8.65 %
(As on 1-4-2017)

# Return in market linked ELSS have been very good since inception. you are advice to check our ELSS return table before investing.

Choose ELSS and don't miss the tax-saving deadline